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Project Description
.NET wrapper for 2Gis API. Helps to find companies in selected region or by selected product.

2GIS API objects provides information about organizations, individual entrepreneurs and companies. Using this API you can find firms by it's info.

To use this API you need to obtain the unique secret key. You can get one here:

Current API version: 1.3.9

Supported methods:
Currently there are 4 methods to find the firms info. You can view them in the table below.
Method Description Result
Find firms Searching firms by «What?» and «Where?» keys Short firm information including firm name, rubrics and firm ID
Get rubrics Searching rubrics by «Where?» key Rubric description
Find firms in rubric Searching firms in selected rubric. Identical to the previous method. No geo-filtration (results will not be bind to the geo-location). Short firm information including firm name, rubrics and firm ID
Get firm information Retrieves the full firm information Full firm information with contacts, working hours and other parameters
Get all branches Retrieves all branches by selected firm group Array of all firms in one group
Get all projects Retrieves all projects Array of all projects
Get all cities projects Retrieves all cities by project ID Array of all cities in project
Find geo objects Searching geo objects by «query» or coordinats keys Array of geo objects
Register profile views Registering view counter by hash of the firm 0 or 1 depending on result
Get geo object information Retrieves the full geo object information Full geo object information with second address
Find ads Retrieves the ads by "What?" & "Where?" keys Full firm profile information with advertising

Technical information:
Expected traffic load: from 100 to 200 requests per second.
Server respond time: up to 200 ms.

In GeoPoint class you may see that ToString function returns first Latitude then Longitude. However, constructor takes first
Longitude. In API there is a trick: if you will compose the request with coordinats (FindFirm etc.) the Latitude must be first in point parameter.
This trick was found using

Latest update: 10.08.2012
Firm additional info
Review count
New advertising data
Updated geo objects
All classes fixed

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